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Our 10 beachside chalets offer a 6×7 meter living/bedroom area with two double-beds, spacious western-styled bathroom facilities and a bay-view terrace.

A mere stone’s throw from our beachfront, this unique accommodation features spectacular views of Coron Bay.

Conceived and constructed according to the durable, time-honoured techniques of local native artisans, each beach side chalet has been laboriously assembled from the finest locally-available materials including hand-woven bamboo walls and bamboo roofs covered with Nipa Palm.

Each beachside chalet, abundantly ventilated by mosquito-netted windows, includes spacious western-styled bathroom facilities, overhead ceiling fans, ample electrical lighting fixtures and 220-volt electrical outlets.

As with all of our other accommodations, the beachside chalet is abundantly ventilated by large mosquito-netted windows and includes an overhead ceiling fan, electrical lighting fixtures and 220-volt electrical outlets. Similar to our hillside styles, each beachside accommodation also includes an exterior bay-view terrace, sunbeds and a shaded hammock lounge directly beneath the structure.

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