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Any of our six native-styled, stilt-mounted beach cottages are ideal for those who desire a postcard-perfect view of tropical waters by day, or dream of being lulled to sleep by the sound of gentle lapping waves at night.

Conceived and constructed according to the durable, time-honored techniques of local native artisans, each beachside cottage has been laboriously assembled from the finest locally-available materials including hand-woven bamboo wall panels, split-bamboo flooring, and Cogon Grass or Nipa Palm roofing.

Each beachside cottage, abundantly ventilated by mosquito-netted windows, includes spacious western-styled bathroom facilities, overhead ceiling fans, ample electrical lighting fixtures and 220-volt electrical outlets.

Additional features include elevated wooden terraces overlooking the crystal-clear waters of Coron Bay, woven cotton hammocks and sun beds.

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