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If, after your laborious international flight finally touches down in Manila, you feel that you’ve had enough of air travel, an alternative to a domestic flight to Palawan is making the final leg of your journey by passenger ferry.

The overnight ferry voyage from Manila to Coron – the closest ferry terminal to Sangat – takes a total of 16-hours from embarkation to arrival and provides an inexpensive, leisurely, and culturally enlightening travel alternative to a typical domestic airline flight.

The largest and safest passenger ferry company in the Philippines is run by 2Go Travel. Ticketing costs vary dramatically depending upon ship-board accommodation requirements and amenities, travel season, and more. It’s also important to note that after Coron the ferry will continue south to Puerto Princesa and back to Coron the following day before returning to Manila, schedules do appear to change occasionally.

Please click here to review 2Go’s current ferry schedules and ticketing options.