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The climate in and around Sangat Island – and indeed most of the Philippines – is typically experienced as three distinct seasons: a warm and generally dry autumn season (October through March), a hot/dry summer season (April through June), and a cool/wet tropical monsoon season (July through September).

Ambient temperatures during the hot and dry summer season of April through June historically hover within the 30° to 37° C range. Temperatures throughout the rest of the year (July through February) seldom rise above 25° C.

Seven-Day Sangat Forecast

Shown below, for the benefit of our resort guests and site visitors, are the current weather conditions, temperature ranges and seven-day forecast for Sangat Island.

The atmospheric details and predicted forcasts which is shown below has been provided by the meteorological observation station in San Jose, Mindoro which is approximatly 70 miles northwest of Sangat Island Dive Resort.